Providing a context for our iPad initiative (Re: 1:1 iPad program – Years 5 & 6).

There is an updated post regarding our iPad program below.


Our purpose has remained focussed on the idea that technology is an essential and necessary part of our students education. It is where the future lies. This idea has driven the Australian Governments decision to invest in the introduction of a 1:1 laptop program across secondary schools in Australia and is also a driver of the National Broadband. Of course the evolving National Curriculum also sees technology as a central driver across the Key Learning Areas.

We have maintained the view that technology is an enabler. Helping students to learn, create, innovate, collaborate, solve problems, present and communicate.

The introduction of iPads is a continuation of that journey and of that idea. The iPad is simply a much better solution. Offering fast connectivity, mobility and a sophisticated range of tools and capabilities at a much more affordable price. Importantly it offers a unique capacity to become an individual learning tool which is capable of being tailored specifically to student needs.

Indeed, with our roll out, that has been the intention. Each child has their own device and their own individual school accounts. Each student has an iTunes account allocated to their individual device with a predetermined budget applied. While the device and the apps purchased remain the property of the school the students have the exclusive use for their senior years at the College. We were also not adverse to the idea of iPads being taken home. We could see great benefits, however at this stage concerns for the safety of the children carrying iPads in public situations and issues around insurance have meant that at this time the devices will remain at school. The increased capacity to use the cloud to access files will mean that student files should be accessible both at home and at school anyway.

Evidence is rapidly mounting internationally and nationally regarding the benefits of iPads in an educational context. As a result we are seeing a massive uptake by schools both nationally and internationally and across preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. We are also seeing a massive surge in the development of e-books and e-textbooks specifically for use with tablets. The College remains true to its goal of providing state of the art facilities to its students. We were early adopters of mobile banks of laptops, of Smartboards, of Netbooks and now of iPads. We are just at the start of a revolution which is transforming classrooms and learning environments around the world.

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