iPossibilities in Year K


Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Year K. We have been using iPads to enhance learning in various ways. Some aspects of what we have been doing has been traditional and other experiences have been more open ended and creative.

Apps that we have used have included interactive books such as The Monster at the End of the Book and PopOut! Peter. Wonderful apps which add some new elements and perhaps breathe life into traditional books. We have had the opportunity to look at narrative structures in fun and interesting ways. We have used these sorts of book experiences in both a shared class experience, in individual and share with a friend approaches. Great opportunities for the children to immerse and engage themselves in literature.

We have also learnt to use apps which have more open ended possibilities. Apps such as Viz (Visualize) and ShowMe. These apps offer possibilities for children to create in different ways. ShowMe has the capacity to record sound, drawing and writing. In the classroom it could be used to respond to literature, tell a story, recount, explain, communicate ideas etc. Viz enables the children to create amazing posters which can include pictures, words, objects and symbols. Once again a way for children to respond, explain, show, communicate.

We have also used Scribble Press which is an exciting way to get children writing and drawing as they produce their own book. This sort of experience is exciting and dynamic and provides great open ended learning opportunities.

Our latest exploration has been into using PuppetPals to explore narrative. We started by modeling the process with the large groups and this week we plan to produce some more independent small group work. Our first productions were fabulous experiences and involved the children in planning, making decisions, acting and producing a group story about “The Princess and the Witch”. You can view our amazing productions by clicking the links below.

Link 1

Link 2

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