Journeying With Passion

Recently I have been taking the opportunity of broadening my exposure to other educators across the different sectors and spectrums of the education system. One of the great ways of doing this is through attending TeachMeets. TeachMeets are semi formal get-togethers of teachers to explore ideas and experiences. All participants are attending the TeachMeets by choice. Some are presenting and some are just listening. Meetings can take place anywhere and are held out of school hours. As a result they are hothouses for exchange and connection.

Teachers presenting are sharing things they are doing in their classrooms. Sometimes it might be a Secondary Maths teacher, at other times a Librarian, a Tertiary educator or a another Primary teacher. The range of experience is great. The richness of the experience lies in that great diversity. We are all educators, but often we are isolated and don’t see the bigger picture.

The last meeting I attended was on Tuesday. As usual there was a wealth of exchange. By way of example one teacher, in 7 minutes, was outlining how they were using three collaboration tools in their English classroom.




The possibilities that such collaboration, with other educators, opens us to are great. Sharing “Best Practice” and improving outcomes for students is driving the passion.

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