Revisiting SAMR with Dr. Ruben Puentedura

Recently I attended a conference where I was fortunate enough to learn from Dr. Ruben Puentedura.

Ruben originated the SAMR model which I have posted about on this blog before.
Improving the Journey – SAMR

This links to a newer post where I considers how apps could be used in Transformation / Redefinition.

Dr Puentedura provided great depth around the SAMR and TPCK models. I found his presentation compelling, detailed and well supported. Interestingly he argued strongly that schools needed to change their view of technology as merely being a tool. He pointed to the TPCK model where technology, pedagogy and content are regarded as peers. He talked about how the components of technology: social, mobility, visualization, storytelling, and gaming, have been ingrained into our lives from the very beginnings and why they remain crucial elements in the adoption of technology in schools.

Ruben also looked in detail at various examples around the SAMR Model.

*Take pics (record)
*Replace text with digital form
*Watch a video

*Use 3D timeline and hyperlink images on the line
*Create a timeline, but use other layers to provide context.
*Predict observe explain – watch a video – share observations with others via a blog e.g.
Animate the pic or video

*Choose a work that you connect with e.g. graphing art work, create a 3D model of the art
*Debate the topic using a digital connection with others
*Choose an area of interest and construct your own model, predict

*Create a virtual space with elements which reflect an understanding of the art work
*Present evidence and understanding of a topic to a specific audience e.g. via video
*Share in a comic / or other format annotating and explaining results

Below are links to Ruben’s presentation notes. The presentations show some great examples of SAMR in use in various subjects and are definitely worth a look.

Paths to Technology Integration: keynote presentation
SAMR: Moving from Enhancement to Transformation” workshop:

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