Showcasing Again

This week we had a visit from a several educators who were interested to learn about our 1:1 iPad Program.
This group was from the NSW State Education System and it was great to be able to share our experience with them. I really love the idea of opening conversations amongst educators and systems. It is all reminiscent of “TeachMeets” which serve to open conversations amongst educators and across systems….so healthy for the whole system.
Below is the timetable for the visit which provides a great snapshot of the experience. I must add that all the activities were “normal”. We only ever showcase real work occurring across the school. What always strikes me is the richness of what is occurring and the strength of our teachers in leveraging the capability of iPads courtesy of excellent pedagogy. This is really at the heart of what we are doing and is what we emphasise when we share with others.

Tuesday – Visit Planner

9:00am meet Principal and ICT Coordinator
Walk around
9:10 year 6 Near Pod – Maths
9:20 infants – Year 1 Maths stations – Popplet
9:25 Year 2 reading groups re Cause and Effect – Explain Everything
9:35 Year 3 and 4 teachers (2 teachers) re Edmodo and classroom experience with iPads
9:45 Year 5 Creative Book Builder – 7 students sharing 1 on 1 with visitors -Science work on Micro Organisms. These are quite advanced and include multimedia and report on various experiments conducted by the students.
9:55 year 4 Comic Book – English re Punctuation (unfortunately missed this session due to time)
10:00 Year K and Year 6 (buddies) Scribble Press – writing / publishing
10:05 meet Librarian re eBooks, QR Codes, book trailers using iMovie
Curriculum Coordinator – Using iTunes U – Professional Development and delivering a differentiated course to students (in Library)
10:20 End



Sharing the Journey – a Japanese visit

We recently hosted a visit, of several educators, from Japan. The Japanese visitors were visiting a number of schools across Australia to see technology implementation in education. This was a great opportunity for our teachers and students to showcase some of the excellent work that is occurring across the school. The visitors were particularly interested to learn about our K to Year 6 iPad Program.

The schedule below provides a snapshot of the experience provided to the visitors.
*10:00 – 10:30 Meeting with the Principal and Technology Coordinator – Regarding our iPad Journey
Meet the teachers – show and tell with Classroom Teachers
*10:30 Curriculum Coordinator – using Itunes U for Professional Development and to deliver content to students in classrooms
*10:35 Year 3 classroom teachers using Edmodo to connect home and school
*10: 40 Year 4 classroom teachers – hands on using Nearpod to structure a lesson
*10:50 Year 6 classroom teachers – Creating a project on Notable Australians using Creative Book Builder, using Explain Everything to provide feedback
Classroom walk around
*11:00 Year 3 – Presenting a Mathematics project using Book Creator
*11:15 Year 5 – using Creative Book Builder to record observations in Science (Micro Organisms)
*11:30 Year 1 and 2 – Popplet (on living things), Explain Everything (to record an explanation), Comic Book (using punctuation)
*11:50 Library – how eBooks are managed and delivered to students, using QR Codes as a library tool
*12:00 Concluding

The visit really provided an opportunity for teachers and students to demonstrate the great success of the 1:1 iPad program. It also reflected how much we have grown the learning and teaching model, regarding the integration of technology, since the implementation of our iPad program.


Exploring Spaces – Lite

Last week I was fortunate enough to visit two Independent Schools in Sydney. Both schools have recently updated buildings and learning spaces (One their Junior School & the other their Infants Department). These were major developments involving renovation / refurbishment of existing buildings and also new building work. I was interested to see the way that these schools are embracing more versatile, functional learning environments. Both evolutions embraced the idea of a central, shared, open plan learning areas adjoining class spaces. Features such as folding glass walls, flexible furniture, collaborative spaces were common. Impressions were that spaces could be changed easily to accommodate any learning need. They were spaces that were fun and exciting to be in. Clearly the schools were seeking to meet changing pedagogical needs and the possibilities presented by mobile devices.

I haven’t identified the schools visited in this post. This is a lite post. The full version contains details and a full range of pictures, but is password protected. The pictures posted here have been altered using “Paper Camera” for reasons of privacy, but hopefully provide an impression of these new spaces.

Above: In the foreground comfortable, circular collaborative seating – behind a wet area.

Above: Looking across a shared leaning space towards classroom spaces which are behind the row of cupboards.

Above: Looking across the shared learning area away from classrooms.

Above: Using useless space under stairwell to create a small performance or collaborative space in a shared area.

Above: This is a shared learning space. In the foreground comfortable, flat lounges – behind a glass collaborative booth. In the background glass folding walls leading to classroom pods.

Above: In this example we are looking from the shared learning space back into a classroom pod. The glass wall opens and there is also a folding wall at the back of the classroom which joins another classroom. The tables in classrooms can fold and wheel away.

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