Creative Book Builder – A Year 5 student talks about his work.

A short video explaining the creation of an iBook about Microorganisms using Creative Book Builder (app) on an iPad.

A Few Apps in Action in the Classroom – Part 1

Year 4 Novel Study (English / HSIE)

These examples relate to a Year 4 class doing a literature study. There is a range of activity occurring around using apps as tools in response to the novel – “Home to Mother” (an abridged version for younger readers) by Doris Pilkington Garimara. The apps and the range of activities, planned by the class teacher, provided for achievement at various levels of Blooms Taxonomy and of the SAMR model. Additionally the students had a scope of activities from which to choose.

Below is a brief overview of the sorts of choices being provided to the students.

Create a quiz based on the novel using a combination of short answer and multiple choice questions using the Socrative Teacher (app).

Use the Popplet (app) to create an argument plan for why readers should read the novel. Use this plan to create a Keynote (app) to persuade an audience to read the
novel. Present to the class.

Create a trailer using iMovie to bring out some key moments in the novel to entice viewers to watch a movie created about the novel.


Use Comic Book (app) to recount the main events of the story in a seven box comic strip.

Use an online crossword maker to make a crossword using vocabulary from the novel. Save to Camera Roll and publish in Pages.

Imagine you are one of the main characters use Pages (app) written or iMovie (app) oral and visual (bring in pictures to support the oral work) to record a diary which reflects on the main events in the journey from your characters point of view.

Using the Pages (app) write your own beginning and your own end to the novel.

In Pages (app) create a table to compare Home with Mother with another book you have read recently. Your table should show the names of the books and the similarities and differences. Think about plot, characters and setting.

Year 5 Microorganisms (Science / English)

Our Year 5 students have been investigating microorganisms. The process has been supported and enhanced by an app called Creative Book Builder. Originally Year 5 had used Book Creator, but Creative Book Builder has greater capability for older Primary students enabling them to add not only pictures, video and text, but also has a more sophisticated editing and organisational capacity.

The students have used Creative Book Builder to record their investigations. They have recorded research on the topic, followed Scientific procedure to record experiments and their observations and conclusions. The portability of the iPad combined with camera capability really enables the students as they record experiments with yeast, mouldy bread etc. Students are observing and recording all over the place as they investigate a host of variables. My office fridge is currently home to a number of slices of mouldy bread.
The work is collaborative, engaging and exciting. The learning is rich – filled with process and real experiences.

Year One (English – punctuation)

In Year One students are working with a couple of different apps and learning to apply punctuation.
In the first example they are using Comic Book and using exclamation marks.


In the next example the students are using Popplet to apply their “camera words” and using question marks.


Year Two (Languages – Hebrew)

In this example students were creating a poster on Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) using Visualise (Viz app) Note: in 2015 we replaced Viz with Pic Collage (app) as Viz no longer works in iOS 8. Pic Collage offers greater functionality and is stable. They sourced images using a safe browser K9 (app). They used the International keyboard set to Hebrew for the writing.