Two Different Learning Space Concepts

Concept 1

This concept has learning pods in place of the traditional classroom space. These are smaller classroom spaces. The pods are equipped with tables and chairs. The tables are mobile and can fold down and the chairs can stack. Walls between the two adjoining pods can fold and the space could become a larger classroom area. The pods also have glass walls which can open onto a large shared space (shared by a number of class pods). The shared space is multipurpose. There are seating areas, small glass rooms, wet areas, performance areas, group work spaces.

See pictures below – Concept 1

Concept 1: Looking into class pod from shared area.

Concept 1: Above and below – Shared multipurpose area which the pods open to.


Concept 2

This concept leverages the idea of a zoned versatile year space. In this version the whole year space is zoned for different uses, but things are mobile so can be rearranged if desired. There are small group spaces, larger group spaces, wet areas, quiet zones, desks, couches etc.

See pictures below – all the pictures below are of one multipurpose classroom area – Concept 2.




Both concepts have merit. Both provide a solution which works in the context of the schools concerned. This is key. As with so much innovation a one size fits all isn’t possible. For us it may be that a hybrid version which leverages the best of both of these concepts might work. It is also necessary to consider how different age groups might use spaces differently and how this might impact design.

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