Stile: A Few Impressions


Early in Term 3 we commenced a trial of an application called Stile. You can read in more detail on a previous post
Since my first introduction to Stile, over a year ago, I have toyed with doing a trial. I think, now that we are concluding our trial, that Stile might be the truly robust teaching / learning solution that we have been seeking to team with our iPad Program. I must stress here that nothing is ever perfect. I still like Edmodo, Dropbox and iTunes U etc. I also keep stumbling on great new options like the new Glogster app. Possibilities are growing and the ground is constantly changing. One of the things that appeals about Stile is that it can easily fit into an eclectic environment like ours. When choosing something new, to use across K to 6, we need to take a firm step particularly as this application (Stile) will cost the school money.

When we came to undertake our trial, during Term 3, we needed a reasonable amount of time to really get the trial up and running across the K to 6 classes. This was provided. We also needed to run our trial across all of our classrooms. We wanted to know whether Stile would be suitable and be adopted by all age groups and potentially by all teachers. We wanted to know if Stile would make a significant difference wherever it was employed. I must say that the Stile team have been very helpful and supportive throughout and their willingness to accommodate our needs has helped to make our trial a meaningful one.

As our trial has drawn to a close we have sought teacher impressions. These are provided below via an exit survey which we posted in Google Forms. We sought responses from teachers who had really engaged in using Stile as part of their regular classroom activity during the trial period.




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  1. Hi I was at Edutech 2014. Having seen your excellent, well-informed blog, I’d like to make contact. I work with Early Childhood Australia, the national advocacy group – a voice for children – developing a technology kit to help early childhood educators and carers ‘get up to speed’ with the digital age. The kinds of tools and approaches you are discussing here are exactly what the Digital Business Kit is about (an Federally funded initiative) at:

    • Hi Clare, I will certainly take a look at the Digital Business Kit. It sounds like a great idea. I am glad you have found my blog useful. It has essentially become a diary of experiences and thoughts. The education space is changing so rapidly having a way to reflect on the process is really useful and sharing our experiences may help others. If you want to contact me to talk further you can post a comment here with your contact details and if I don’t approve the comment your details shouldn’t be visible to others.

  2. Thanks for your response. I am interested to learn more about the school, the setting and your team, for instance whether this is a team blog or an individual perspective. One of the aims of ECA’s Digital Business project is to connect educators with each other and share stories. You can reach me at


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