A Few Bumps Along the Way


While our Apple journey offers us so much flexibility and opens so many possibilities the journey has had a few bumps.

The Apple Configurator has enabled us to render many iPads on mass, push out settings and apply apps. While it has been excellent we haven’t found it to be entirely consistent. Not sure if this is the Configurator, our environment or some other factor, but things don’t seem to go smoothly every time.

We had an instance where we couldn’t reapply a large number of apps which we had purchased via VPP. To expedite the roll out I had to repurchase all the apps again. This was stressful as I wasn’t certain that Apple would reimburse our substantial app purchases. Apple did reimburse the apps which was a relief.

After our initial roll out we found that the email settings which were supposed to allow all iPads in a set to receive and send emails weren’t receiving. This meant that we had to run all the iPads through the Configurator again so we added a few more apps to class sets also. Mail settings were now set to IMAP instead of POP.

We completed a couple of iPad sets without difficulty. Then I plugged in 30 of our Year 5 iPads and the whole thing fell apart. Two out of the 30 worked. The rest came up with a multitude of messages. Most saying apps couldn’t apply – “keybag” issue. A few iPads lost data and installed the apps. One lost everything including the iOS.
I couldn’t get anymore than one or two to run at a time. Even then weird because one would render in 5 minutes while the other would take 2 hours. All of this was extremely stressful as we have a lot invested in apps, hardware and student engagement etc. Also students work was randomly wiped which was unfortunate for them and their teachers.
Apple suggested that we de authorise and re authorise the computer for that iTunes account. We did this and also relocated to a different location in case the wireless access point had played a part. This seemed to resolve the issue, but it has made me nervous as I will be updating another year set next week using the same MacBook.

We have found Apple to have been supportive and helpful throughout which is really important to us with so much at stake.