Year 3 Wisdom – iPads & Paper

Year 3 (8 and 9 year olds) students were learning about persuasive texts. This is one of the texts produced with minimal teacher edits. The work was produced in Pages on the student’s, school owned, iPad.

    It is better to use an iPad than paper
    By Jayden, Year 3

Last year I heard that in every class people would have an iPad to themselves. I was so excited that I would get my own iPad and I wouldn’t have to share with anyone. I could picture a class filled with kids on their iPads.
I’m so impressed with what an iPad can do and paper can’t. iPads are essential for education and are exceptional for the environment and very good for personal benefits also you can be extremely creative on iPads. Paper can’t do most of that.

iPads are extremely useful for Education, Education means learning. On the Internet you can find way more information than you can in a book although you can get a lot of information from a book but iPads have a lot more. In the App Store you can buy really good games for Education. Cardboard games can be fun but iPad games are much more fun and the animation is amazing. When you work on an iPad it helps you to learn computer skills. So many people would agree that iPads are so much better than paper.

iPads are very good for saving the environment and for personal benefits. The environment is trees and grass and plants and personal benefits are good things for people.When you use paper that is more of the environment getting destroyed. That is why iPads are better for the environment than paper. When you write on paper your writing is all big and messy but when you use an iPad it’s neat and its the right size.If you want to make sure no one sees your paper it’s really hard, but on an iPad it’s password protected. On a piece of paper you can’t look in a book and write it the same but on iPads you can copy the information and paste it in a folder instead you need to carry five heavy books you can carry an iPad and it is so much lighter. As you can see iPads are so much better than paper.

iPads can be extremely creative.To be creative is to use a lot of pictures and colours. iPads have apps that can be very creative such as iMovie and Explain Everything. You can be creative on paper too, but if you use an iPad you can paint and get different colours and there is no mess and if you rub something out its like it wasn’t even there. With paper you can paint but it gets really messy. If you use Google images, photos and make backgrounds and save for later you can do all that on an app called Viz and you can’t do any of that if you use paper. iPads are so much better than paper.

iPads are good for Education, the environment and personal benefits and for creative possibilities. IPads are so much better than paper and I urge you to use an iPad and not paper. I think iPads are better than paper don’t you?