Creating Possibilities

I had a conversation with another colleague in which we were discussing the use of technology in the classroom. The discussion centered around the pedagogy and how it is vital for the teachers to be driving change rather than the technology driving the educator.

An interesting discussion. It is to some extent “a chicken or the egg scenario”. The arrival of the iPad for example has the potential to change the learning environment in dramatic ways. The technology is creating possibilities which may not have existed before. The educator is the one who needs to perceive the possibilities and drive the change in learning. Just having a brilliant tool doesn’t mean brilliant learning. What makes brilliant learning is educators seeing possibilities and brilliantly incorporating ideas, tools and thinking into their lessons. I saw this in action in Year 6 where the children are physically building electrical circuits and using technology to record their observations and processes. A frenetic and exciting learning environment; real learning, using real tools.

When we get excited by technology it isn’t so much about the technology as it is about the possibilities which are created for the teachers and the students.